Artificial Hot Spring Chita Maneki-yu

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  • 大浴場
  • 大浴場
  • 大浴場
  • 大浴場
  • 大浴場

Maneki-yu uses weathered minerals (Togoal Warmtite/Quasi-drug No. 45D283) that are produced near Tochiomata Hot Spring in Niigata and is a bathing facility with hot water quality that is closer to natural hot springs in which the natural phenomenon of hot spring to gush has been artificially systematized although its scale is small.

Chemical ingredients contained in Maneki-yu have beneficial thermal, moisturizing, and cleansing effects and after taking a bath, metabolism will become active and ease stiffness of muscle.
Please take your time and enjoy the beauty and effect-efficacy of Maneki-yu.

Hours 6:00 p.m. - 1:00 a.m./6:00 a.m. - 8:00 a.m.

・Sauna is available only at night.
・Please bring the towel in the guest room.
・You can come with the bathrobe.


●Nerve pain ●Rheumatism ●Lower back pain ●Stiff shoulders ●Bruise ●Sprain
●Recovery from fatigue ●Excessive sensitivity to cold ●Chilblains ●Heat rash ●Dry or chapped skin ●Hemorrhoid


What is the natural ore Togoal?

In the distant past, there were stones referred to as medicinal stones or bath stones.
If you put those stones in a bathtub and take a bath, it was said to warm your body and relieve the pains of stiff shoulders, lower back pain, etc.

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